Unlock and Authorize Domain for Transfer Print

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To unlock and authorize:


Log in to the domain name's current registrar's control panel.


Once logged in, locate the Unlock function and unlock the domain name.


Find the authorization code, the unique code that identifies each domain name
in order to prevent domain hijacking.
(Note: The Authorization Code is also known as an "Auth Code," "Auth Info Code," or "EPP Password.")

Here is a sample that displays a domain's Lock Status and Authorization Code.

Domain Unlock Info


Once the domain name is unlocked and you have the authorization code, you can start the transfer.


Keep in mind the following:

  • A domain name registration must be at least six months old before you can transfer it from one provider to another.

  • The transfer process can take 5-8 days.

  • The authorization e-mail from the current registrar will be sent to whichever address you provided to them during
    the original registration process, so please be certain that it's active.

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